Coke Studio Pakistan,  since it’s inception, has been coming out with some stupendous music. It is in it’s 5th Season and each season has come up with some amazing numbers that reflect the depth of  and the richness of Pakistani folk music. Though it is not much different than Indian music or folk music, yet one can’t help but complement the producer of Coke Studio Pakistan. Rohail Hyatt the producer since the beginning of Season1, has this wonderful knack of picking up folk and pop singers who blend wonderfully and bring alive a song. Much like a beautiful painting on a canvas with master strokes using, nothing but, unique and raw voices with earthy feel, instrumental arrangements and a perfect concoction of Western and Eastern music.

Personally, Music has tremendous influence on me. It can give me goosebumps and move me to tears by sheer beauty of the composition or the lyrical depth. There are many compositions in Coke Studio Pakistan that have had that effect on me and when any one of them hits me I am lost in that song for day’s together and need to listen to the song again and again and again before I could emerge.

Right now the song that I would like to introduce to all of you is a wonderful Sufi composition in Punjabi again composed with a blend of the same elements that is so typical of CS Pakistan. I hope you all enjoy it just as much as I am or will over the next few days: