Songs produced by Coke Studio Pakistan have something about them, they tend to grow on me as and as I listen to them or repeat the tune in my mind. The song I present here is one such typical song. I was led to this song accidentally while exploring the CS Pak website and what happened after that was an amazing unforgettable experience. Though this is the thing about experience, once you have had it the first time, the second time is just not the same.

 When I heard it for the first time, I was initially put off by the nomadic singer’s voice, however once he end’s his bit the music breaks out into an interesting mixture of ektara (in hand of nomadic singer), lyre, guitar, chorus and western beats, it was sufficient to make me continue to listen to it. An unexpected artistic pause follows, suddenly the soothing tone of a lyre alone takes over and slowly the music builds again to a crescendo with a high pitched rendition by one of the singer. It was perfectly in tune and very classy, so I persisted. Quite a promising build up it is, then comes the second artistic pause and what ensued after that took me by surprise and got me hooked to this song. I think the real surprise of the song is after the second artistic pause. I won’t say more about it and invite you to have a similar first time experience, yourself.  I would be glad to hear some of the experiences (good or bad). Silence and Music is woven into an beautiful fabric to fill up senses and to linger much after the song is over.

Apart from the nomadic singer [Saieen Zahoor], the other two main performers are brothers and have a band called Noori [Ali Noor/Ali Hamza].

Caveat: Like many other fields, music is a subjective art. It is but obvious that, this song would not appeal to all. Also, while music has no language I think for a change, this song looks more impressive when the lyrics are understood. Any body who wants to know the meaning of the lyrics could go the this link and understand it. All said, beauty of any song is in the ear and mind of the beholder