Speaking from the scientific perspective, 20th Century was the century of Quantum Physics and Theory of Relativity. The world of Physics was totally revolutionised by scientists from Germany and Austria, in the early part of the 20th Century, and it also had serious Philosophical implication about our understanding of the World we live in which we are still to come to terms with.

The latter half of 20th Century was an era of applied sciences with Quantum Physics/Mechanics (QM) emerging at the helm of all technological advancement. Though there was also a need to demystify QM for general consumption outside the scientific world and many attempts were made to do so. The problem though was that, scientists themselves could not come to a common understanding on the matter. The standoff between Einstein and Neils Bohr is now legendary:

Einstein: God doesn’t play dice with the Universe

Bohr: Don’t tell God what to do

Several attempts have been made to present the facts to public outside the scientific/Physics community to explain what Quantum Physics was all about. The following video is one such attempt to simplify the understanding as far as possible and introduce audience to the “Quantum World”