I think all of us remember the incident where Bush had a pair of shoes hurled at him in Baghdad. Ever since that incident there have been flurry of incidents across the world where shoes were thrown at politicians. Wonder if anybody spared a thought about why it caught up like a craze and spread like forest fire as a mode of protest.
I know there might be different theories to explain this; however I think the reason is more apolitical. The shoes that were thrown, I think, were those which made the most embarrassing of noises while walking on the office floor. In other words these must have been farting shoes that are an embarrassment to the wearer. I have been victim of such shoes which look smart and are extremely comfortable but have a strange knack of making odd noises when walking in office.  Each time I found myself in such awkward situation I wished I could walk barefoot, wished I could vanish, wished I didn’t have to walk much, hoped magically the noise would stop. However I never thought that I could use it to throw at people that I didn’t like and not only get rid of my problem but also gain some popularity in the bargain.
Looking at the string of shoe throwing incidents across the world I realize that I am not only one who faces the problem of noisy shoes. However, while mine sneer at me sitting on my shoe shelf, other’s had the distinction of flying over popular politician’s head! One must also observe that in all such shoe throwing incidents the shoe never hit the person it was hurled at, it swooshes past but never ever has it hit. Why would it? If you could make your mark and fulfill your objective without hitting the target, why bother to waste extra time. Shoe companies or showrooms are not making any extra effort in ensuring that people could wear and trial shoes on a surface that closely resembles their office floor in texture so, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a continuance of people at the tether end of their patience with their farting shoes and let go their frustration on the shoe and the politician in one go and for the same reason.