CS has been approached in as methodical a manner as possible in my last two blog posts, about the same subject, I also have tried to take a much more structured approach and use my own CS to understand CS itself. Approaches like these, while attempting to get an objective view of a seemingly subjective topic, leave many philosophical conundrums unanswered. I explore one such conundrum here.

In general, all of us do think we fairly understand how the world functions, also based on what our belief systems are, we do also believe that we understand how world would have evolved. In many ways, topics taught in schools and colleges, are taught as definite and well established facts. Such incidents definitely have the power to strongly influence our views and thinking on various matter and almost certainly stop us from questioning some of these assumptions that are passed off as facts. Ofcourse, as long as not closely viewed, the assumptions definitely seem to work just as fine hence we also do not scratch deeper than the surface. Review the two scenarios

Scenario 1:
Without thoughts, there is no content of CS
Without memory there are no thoughts
Without time there is no memory
Implies ~Without time there is no ‘content of consciousness’, what is left is only the level of Consciousness”.
Implies that level of Consciousness is timeless and should have been even present before Big Bang created the universe
Implies matter emerged from CS

Life emerged from non-living matter long ago
When non-living matter combined in a particular manner and under particular circumstances life was created.
Only if there is life is there a question of Level or Content of CS
Implies CS emerges from matter

CS from Matter or Matter from CS!

This probably is the biggest conundrum that there could be.