Excellent Customer Service, that’s what is screaming out loud from every store, every restaurant, every nook and corner. Right from the time when one enters a place to the time when one leaves it’s all about customer service and customer delight. 
Walk in to a store or a restaurant and there is somebody with you in few seconds, greeting you with a smile and asking if they could be of any help. Promptly letting you know the options and choices at offer and making every effort to understand your needs. Yes, most of it is process driven so that, every customer gets a consistent level of service, yet there is plenty of customer delight brought in by going the extra mile. For example, greeting when, you step in, to ensuring you get what you want, to wishing you a great day before you leave is great customer service, however throwing in freebies or customizing an item or offering additional options of value is customer delight!
Great customer service is always about, clear and prompt communication, appropriate response to customer’s reaction, unintimidating method of guidance and honesty. Anything over and above this leads to customer delight. I have seen so many instances of that. This country is about entrepreneurship – huge retail outlets, restaurant chains, fast food chains, family owned businesses, large corporations including banks, some are now MNCs and some never left the shores of this country. Yet what combines them in uniqueness of character is – customer service. 
They say that customer service can be only as good as your products, however the humility, respect and dedication towards service is very endearing and I think a thing to be learnt and adapted wherever possible. It is business success through human touch.