Life is a journey into the unknown. Each day unfolds with umpteen possibilities, ofcourse, partly influenced by our actions of yesterday and by our preparatory action in anticipation of the tomorrow. Much like a roller coaster, life cruises ceaselessly with its regular but unpredictable ups and downs. I think the vicissitudes of life become bearable due to the friends that we make during the course of our life. While we live to please our relatives, it is the friends who help us in achieving or doing whatever we set out to do in this life.
Friendship, like many things in life, comes in various forms and is very fluid in nature. It easily acquires the shape of the ‘cast’ that we desire to keep it in. With time friendship evolves and takes on newer meaning. What makes friendship special is that it is a voluntary act of choosing who one wants to associate with. More often than not we attract people who think alike or have similar goals or share similar views about life. At times we have to talk and exchange views to make friends and yet there are times where non-verbal communication plays a key role in building a subtle friendship. We realize that being born in a particular family is a matter of chance but friends are a matter of choice. Often through course of life we find ou

t that ties of friendship could be stronger and more meaningful than ties of blood.

I think, friendship becomes so strong because friends don’t come with any baggage or prior expectations, they accept us as we are today, and there is no incessant need to please each other, or give gifts to each other. In addition it also gives the freedom to criticize with no loss of dignity or fear of insult. There is no stress or pressure on us to maintain or stick onto a friendship for all our life, some friendship ripe. A summation of me is a summation of all my friends. Friendship, unlike any other relationship, cuts across barriers of caste, creed, religion, language, nationality or sex. As does friendship come in various forms so does come its expiry date. Some friendships expire with death whereas some friendships expire as the original reason ceases to exist. Nonetheless, it is a voluntary act and I think that is the key factor why we are most comfortable when amongst friends. 
I have had the privilege of having some great friends through the course of my life till date. I know for sure that, life wouldn’t have been enjoyable or fulfilling or plausible without the presence of the friends who have helped me survive, strive and grow. I am sure I am not isolated in thinking so.