Have you ever lost a mobile phone? It is tough to get through life without losing one I guess! Those who have lost their mobile phones should be able to identify with a sinking feeling that gushes in immediately after we realize that we have indeed lost our mobile. Ofcourse the feeling dawns only after we are exhausted from frantic attempts to trace the mobile and from innumerable calls that we make to our own number with a hope that somebody would answer and miraculously we get our mobile back. Such situations do happen albeit rarely so. Immediate aftermath of such exhausting exercise is the sting of the truth sinking in –yes the mobile is lost – this is when feelings take over with a sense of nostalgia and proud memories of what was achieved with the great device. Often mobile phones are given as gifts, so there are emotions attached to the device and loss of a gift also brings a sense of guilt. Ofcourse the most painful of pinch is felt when an expensive, brand new mobile with latest feature is lost or stolen . Like any other pain this settles down too.

Once the feelings settle down and the bitter truth is accepted, comes a sense of relief. Relief that stems from knowing that we can always get a new phone (maybe latest one), a SIM card can be reissued for the same number, all the phone numbers, of friends or relatives, could be retrieved from any of the social networking sites through which we are in touch with all or most. Whoever is not there on any of these sites and whose number we can’t retrieve were anyway insignificant or people who needed us more than we needed them.  
Not much data is available on the internet to substantiate if loss of mobile is one of the primary reasons why someone thinks of buying a new phone. A general understanding of the matter led me to two other reasons:
  •           Current one stopped working – out of order
  •           Genuine interest to keep pace with emerging technology trends and features


  •           Loss of the current one [misplaced or stolen]
Am sure that, except for a few that are hard core techies and love technology rest wait for an unfortunate incident of loss or fatal failure of a mobile before they could be coaxed to buy one.