We see ego different than us. We treat ego as something that needs to be controlled and restrained. What we fail to realize is that ‘We are our Ego’. Everything that we identify ourselves with, name, family, education, body, looks, car we drive, job we do everything becomes part of our Ego and everything becomes part of us. Ego, though, is always built on our past. We believe what we are today is because of all that we have done in the past; not realizing that past doesn’t exist. It only lingers in our memory and sticks to us as ego. If we are our ego and ego is us then we are not living in the present but are a mere shadow of our past.
Apart from past we also tend to heavily rely upon our future. The promise of the future is very lucrative and enticing. We believe that whatever we are not today we will become tomorrow. Undoubtedly it is an act of ego to remain dissatisfied with the present and remain in a never ending quest of ‘becoming’ not realizing that future doesn’t exist either.
If we disassociate from the past and thus from our ego and also kill the future, what remains of us? Whatever remains of us will we be able to accept it? No baggage of the past and no anticipation for the future! Does this thought scare us? What would that state be like? Ego is perennially thirsty for more and we are perennially hopeful of our future – if both come to an end – do we become more alive or do we become dead? Do we really ever accept the current moment? Or are we busy sizing up the entire time-line?