How do some teachers leave a lasting impression on us? How do some teachers teach lessons which remain relevant much beyond the boundaries of the classroom walls? How do some teachers remain a source of inspiration, even much after we have left school? These are questions that puzzle me – and probably only a teacher would know how they do it. Nonetheless here I am to share a video that a friend was kind enough to share on Facebook,which is about a classroom experiment done by a teacher, a good 40-50 years ago, but that remains equally relevant till date.  

This is a work/effort that I would say is timeless and something that would always remain relevant as far as human history is concerned. The experiment done is to show to her young students what DISCRIMINATION meant and how a flawed or biased perspective leads to hatred. Like those teachers that have inspired us and have become part of us through their teachings, the teacher in this video, Jane Elliot, has become an inspiration for many and the video has become a timeless message of humility and humanity.

I salute the lady and her effort and the powerful message that she managed to get across with the help of her simple but effective experiment. I invite one and all to view this 15 min video that has the power to transform and transcend any barrier
For people interested,Jane Elliot is still active and constantly endeavoring to improve the society that we live in in whatever way possible: