Einstein said – Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity and I am not sure about the universe!  There are umpteen real life examples to be seen on the road every day to prove Einstein right. Human stupidity is indeed infinite. The innovation that we can bring in the way we honk and in identifying situations that are worth a honk while driving/riding is unprecedented and unbridled display of human stupidity. In this display of stupidity there is no distinction of religion, caste, language, color, political inclination, rich or poor. Stupidity has the power in which it dissolves all individual identities and brings everyone to a level ground.
There are some typical stupid actions that are often linked with the habit of honking. Places which say ‘No Horn’ – ‘School’ – ‘Hospital’ somehow invite loudest of honk. Also some people consider themselves to be in a imagined computer game and the traffic congestion that they see ahead of them could be cleared with the weapon at their disposal – and a volley of laser beams is let lose – only difference though is that it doesn’t really do anything to the traffic congestion in real life. Also most of us don’t mind being stuck in the lives that we live for years together without doing anything different, yet the last 5 seconds at a red signal – somehow appears very worthy and worthy of some of the loudest and choicest of honks! 
Infinite it is – stupidity – the quality and effectiveness of ones honking is somehow found related to the success in personal life. Good effective honking is also equated with a peaceful and gratifying day. Stupidity was proved infinite, almost conclusively, when one honked at a dead dog and another one at a fallen tree. Some of the compulsive honkers might want to fly and avoid all this congestion, but this is the thing, one can escape from traffic but not from stupidity so honking at the birds or the sun or the moon would be the norms. Hail Einstein!