I fail to understand why time and again America assumes a moral high ground and self-appoints itself as the custodian of all the basic human values. Violation to any such human values anywhere across the world somehow makes it restless till it takes an action against it. More often than not such intervention has led to disastrous consequences, sometimes more severe than the original reason why they intervened in the first place. America also remains in a perennial mode of conflict with the UN. While it wants rest of the world to toe the line drawn by the UN, it considers itself to be over and above any such rule or charter defined by the UN


In 2002-2003 USA under the Bush administration showed satellite pictures of Iraq’s supposed nuclear weapon sites and the mobility around them and used that as conclusive evidence that Saddam Hussein was in possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) or was in the process of building one. As they prepared to attack Iraq they also sited atrocities against Iraqi populace by the Saddam regime as another reason why they should intervene. Despite repeated IAEA visits and no conclusive evidences, they attacked – caught Saddam – and made attempts at building a democracy in a country that doesn’t know what it means. Needless to say, after lives of many American soldier and Iraqi civilian were lost, after many human bombs exploded and almost a decade later to the attack – neither has Iraq known any peace nor has US of A found any WMD. This left Tony Blair red in the face for having trusted all the seemingly fake evidences that George Bush showed him. Bush has later on confessed that this was the worst mistake of his administration. 
In 2013 we are at the brink of another similar situation. Despite the ongoing UN inspection for use of Chemical Weapons in Syria and no conclusion as yet, Obama administration is preparing for a strike again with no sanction or approval by UN and no conclusive evidence. World has seen through US’s bluff during Iraq, atleast that has ensured that David Cameron doesn’t do a Tony Blair, neither does he have his parliament’s nod. France and Russia are strongly advising against such a strike.Also even if chemical weapons were indeed used, am sure there are ways of imposing sanctions or other ways of dealing with the situation than the use of Force or Military strike. The cost of such a strike would be immense for Syrians, US armed forces and needless to say the ripples of this would be felt across the world. 
Hope sanity prevails and we find a better way to resolve the situation.