Is it Intuition or Coercion? We often talk about certain insight we get about possible unfavorable or favorable future occurrences which tend to mould our present actions. We tend to call such foresight as Intuition. Are these intuitions entirely independent and uninfluenced by our thought process? I attempted a short exercise to see if this could be understood.

There are three factors as I see.
  • Me – who could either be a Pure Observer or a Creator
  • Event The event about which I could have a foresight 
    • Event could be a desired event or completely unpredictable event
  • Foresight –the foresight itself
Only one of the many possible outcomes appears to be what could really be called intuition. Rest all leave sufficient space for doubt whether our thought process was involved in anyway and the foresight was a continuation of the long desired goal/target. Should we take more responsibility of what happens to us rather than act victim?