People go to any extent to fulfill their passion and give meaning to their mundane life. Many have gone to the extent of even losing their lives in the pursuit of a passion. So here is the story of a group of friends with one such passion. While I would not say that anyone went to the extent of risking their lives, however risk they do and what they risk is by no means trivial.
Giving up the luxury of lazing in bed on the weekends they decide to pursue this passion and get the

kicks on the field. Infact pursuing this passion could mean going home to an angry, irritated and cold shouldering spouse (could mean elongated stay of in-laws or no food or excessively long shopping list). Pursuing this passion could mean going home to irritated parents (could mean risking inheritance and paving the way towards the life of a pauper). Pursuing this passion could mean going home to annoyed kids (could mean risking long wish list, allowing equal time off from studies).

I guess by now one must have understood how much of a brave heart it takes to pursue this passion and I won’t even count the physical readiness that it needs as that would appear a cake walk in front of the above risks.  Yet risk they do and steal moments of bliss while losing themselves to their passion. What is this passion that one is willing to risk so much for? I talk about a beautiful game called Badminton.
Weekend after weekend people turn up to relieve themselves of all the stress of the past week, share a laugh, challenge each other on a game, discuss nuances of the game and also taunt each other on games lost or missed opportunities. People of disparate professional, cultural and linguistic background find a common ground to come together and sweat it out. The game has this unique ability of helping people to self-discover. Like some suddenly realize how unfit they are (all the running around, stretching and lunging can do that), some realize how good a liar they are (lying to spouse to spend extra minutes on the court needs such skills), some realize their misplaced priorities in life, many realize their ability to multi-task and many realize their limitations.
With such level of self-discovery one invariably reaches home enlightened to face any tough circumstances that the situation at home might throw up!!