Its been 9 days since the flight vanished and still all the brains of the world put together have not been able to figure out what could have happened to this flight. It is one of the biggest challenges human mind has faced in my living memory. I explore here few possible angles and the plausibility of it.



  • MH370 vanished on 8th March 2014
  • Before it vanished it was supposedly flying at a height of 45000ft above sea level 

 The Crash Theory:

  • There are two ways of detecting a flight
    • Primary radar which works on signals that bounce off the body of the plane
    • Secondary radar which is dependent on response from the flight’s transponder
  • The crew could have switched off the on-board transponder or it could have malfunctioned
  • No – reasons why the primary radar would not have detected the MH370 even if the pilot lost control and it scuttled to a crash
  • If the flight was indeed in danger then the pilot should have been able to send out a distress signal
  • If every system on-board malfunctioned and the flight did crash into the sea then the debris should not have been this difficult to find


The Explosion Theory

  • Something catastrophic that could prevent a pilot from even sending out a distress signal is possible only and only if
    • A situation like that of Columbia space shuttle was created where the shuttle disintegrated even before the crew could react
    • Only a nuclear explosions are known to create such amount of heat that could vaporize people even before their minds could react and also blow the flight into such small undetectable pieces
    • Nuclear scientists are exploring this angle and seeing if any radiation could be detected indicating an explosion at 45000ft above sea level

The Hijacking Theory

  • If hijackers were indeed behind such a nuclear explosion then why would they like to die faceless and voiceless and purposeless without announcing which group they belonged to?
  • If the plane did not vaproise due to nuclear explosion and was hijacked by terrorist who were smart enough to avoid the radar systems and take it to a safer location then why haven’t any group staked claim to the hijack or come out with demands?
  • After all what would be the purpose of hijacking a flight full of innocent passengers if not as a bargaining chip?
A Possible Theory

  • There is a much denied experiment of the famous USS Elridge conducted in 1943 which was supposedly part of a famous/infamous Quantum Teleportation experiment based on Einstein’s Unified Field Theory.
  •  This experiment was supposedly altered at the request of the Navy, with the new objective being solely to render the Eldridge invisible to radar. None of these allegations has been independently substantiated.
  • The experiment was called Philadelphia Experiment
  • Does it make sense to see if there were any physicist on-board who were on a paid leave from their respective universities to conduct such an experiment?

I feel that only two explanations sound logical, one is that there was an explosion which was sudden, fast and so severe that it blew everything apart in few seconds and reduced the debris into undetectable dust which is really sad and heart wrenching to think or imagine about and I hope it isn’t the case from the bottom of my heart OR MH370 was chosen for an experiment that was a top secret experiment the results of which have been unpredictable and something that could be equally devastating as a crash!