Elections 2014 are over and in a couple of days’ time we would know who gets the people’s mandate to govern the country for the next 5 years. Of course, if the public sentiment aElectionsnd the exit poll survey results are to be believed, we already know to some extent about who would be getting that chance.

We have had 15 such elections in the past and given opportunities to a party or to a group of parties to govern the country and take it in a path of peace, welfare, growth and prosperity. All of them have succeeded and failed simultaneously to varying degrees. Similarly, whoever emerges as the victor on 16th May 2014 would also succeed and fail like the Governments before them. Of course we do hope that the government succeeds more often than it fails thus making the 5 years tenure a net productive one.

What the party, that gets to govern, will do we will get to see it as it slowly assumes the role and executes its duty, I want to take the attention away from that point and move it what ‘we the people’ would do in the coming 5 years. The social media has been the battle ground for not only the political parties but for ordinary citizens like me, vociferously expressing our view points and justifying our stand and professing our support for one or the other party. Now that a particular party would be elected and be given the responsibility to govern, can all of we social media warriors or social activists go back to rest, knowing either we were successful in getting what we wanted or failed in our endeavor?

I think the need of the hour is for warriors like us to remain active and observe the journey that the elected government would take the country through and express our support or express our dissatisfaction on each twist and turn. The real truth is that it is not Modi’s Sarkar or Rahul’s Sarkar or BJP’s Sarkar or Congress’s Sarkar, it is Our Government, Hamari Sarkar, and it is answerable to us and only us. If we keep a constant, informed and politically literate vigil on the Government of the day – it would be forced to listen and work in a direction that is agreeable to most.

Of course we don’t want leaders or parties that have to keep asking the people to make a decision for them; we do need a decisive government. Yet we need a Government that is responsive to the people apart from being accountable to the parliament. So to all my friends who spent hours on social media buttressing their view points, the time is now to be more active and take responsibility to ensure that we see a responsible Government that takes us in a direction that is beneficial to the whole country.