Man is in perennial pursuit of peace, a self-sustaining, self-fulfilling and self-deluding pursuit. Everything that man does is done in the pursuit of peace. God’s are for peace, Religions are for peace, Countries are for peace, Economic progress is for peace, Weapons are for peace and even wars are for peace, yet peace has eluded mankind till date. There is very little to show for all the efforts spent in this pursuit of peace, there is conflict somewhere or the other.

It intrigues me, why despite centuries of pursuit we have not had any success in achieving peace. I think the answer lies in how we view peace. We view peace as a ‘goal’ that we want to achieve. The problem with this view point is that it automatically includes a subjective interpretation of what peace means. The problem with subjective interpretation is the co-existence of multiple, incoherent and antithetical interpretations that automatically mean conflict. Hence I say the pursuit of peace is self-delusional, as hidden behind is an inadvertent rise of conflict.

I think that ‘peace’ can never be a goal. Nobody can pursue peace or achieve peace. Only when all pursuits of man have ended that peace is what would remain. As long as we are in pursuit of something or the other, including peace, we will only know one or the other form of conflict but never peace. Yes a subjective interpretation of peace or something that looks like peace might exist but not PEACE. I think J Krishnamurti was right when he said Peace can only exist if we have complete security, both outwardly and inwardly, psychologically and environmentally