One might want to believe that relationship between couples needs genuine and voluntary commitment towards each other. While this might be a necessary condition for two individuals to become a couple, it is by no means sufficient to legitimize their relationship.

Two individuals might feel committed to each other, spend every waking hour with each other and even have each other on respective minds, yet the relationship doesn’t get the stamp of legitimacy. In fact, legitimacy is not bestowed upon it until the couple accepts each other as spouse on a pre-decided pre-announced day, in the presence of family, friends and acquaintances, amidst rituals performed by a priest. So, not all couples who commit to each other would want to go through this process of legitimacy and not all those who go through the legitimacy process are essentially committed to each other by their own volition. Such is the strangeness of our society that it looks down upon the first category of couples and somewhat venerates the second.

It is a matter for everyone to contemplate about and decide on what is more important. Without belittling either of the two, I intend to say that we stay in times when relationships have become fragile. No amount of stamps of legitimacy has the power to save a relationship. What does is a voluntary, renewable and active commitment towards each other.