Many must have heaved a sigh of relief that there were no blogs coming from me in the past few weeks. No new idea has excited me enough to write, hence I thought of writing about not being able to write. Some might complain of tyranny. So be it.

writersblockThe symptoms I face now a days are: not being excited enough to write or not believing any idea is exciting enough to write about. I guess that’s what is called as writers block. If I consider that to be a writer’s block then, can I finally consider myself to be a writer? It’s ironical that despite having published a book I need a ‘writer’s block’ to feel like a writer. I guess this inadvertently reflects on how my book might have done in the market!

Writer’s Block I think is very similar to constipation. Let me explain why I think so; each day I sit with my laptop with a blank sheet of Microsoft Word hoping for ideas to flow and yet not even a single word would come out. Self-explanatory isn’t it? Of course, just because I use this analogy, don’t judge my previous works based on it. That would be disastrous.

When this writer’s block hits I always wonder what to write? Why to write? Even if I do write why should anyone bother to read it? I don’t know if there is a reliable cure for it. It would be ironical if sitting in the loo is one of them. Nevertheless, I hope to be back to my writing ways soon. Till then – enjoy the lull.