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Childhood. I am sure the word conjures up vivid memories of the past. Our memories and moments of nostalgia are so strongly tied with our senses. The activation of any of our senses has the power of transcending us to a time when life seemed simple, easy and playful. Smells, Sounds, Visuals, touch or taste all have this mystical ability.

Often these triggered childhood memories that rush-in to fill our consciousness are dormant memories that even we didn’t know existed. Certainly the original experience must have been very intense hence the mere recollection sends us into a state of momentary trance reinforcing the like or dislike of that particular sensual experience. For example there could be a particular smell possibly that of perfume used by a parent or the incense stick used by grandmother that could be linked with memory of being reprimanded for poor performance in school. The intensity of that experience intertwined with the smell could make one detest the smell for life. Any semblance of that smell anytime in the future could trigger a mental state similar to the one experienced long ago.

Similarly there acoffeere sensual experiences that might not be linked with any other positive or negative memory but could still be intense experiences on their own. It could be a dish tasted or a TV Series watched or a lullaby sung by mother or smell of sweet meats cooked at home and many such instances during childhood that completely enthralled us. A conversation with an old friend or conversation with people of the same age group or conversation with anyone about similar topic could trigger a wave of such dormant memories that can hit us with such throbbing intensity that it gets us teary eyed.

I have many such instances when a sudden wave of nostalgic memory hits me and transcends me to a different era and I relive those moments. As finer details about the memory keep bubbling up to consciousness the ecstasy of the moment becomes stronger. How I wish I could conjure up such memories at will, however sometimes the triggers to these memories could be as mystical as the memory itself and not always available to the conscious mind. I have come to realize now that these memories of childhood are like a lit camphor, they vanish very fast after burning with intensity.