“Magic mirror, on the wall – who is the fairest one of all?” Even if the mirror were to answer in your favor, beware! The camera might be in stark disagreement. When I tend to agree with the mirror image the image captured by camera comes us a rude shock. Of course there are some occasions when even the vice versa situation has been found to be true by me.  I did a Google about this issue and realized that many have had similar experiences. It is particularly devastating for the weight conscious individual and completely discouraging for the one who is attempting to lose weight.

enhanced-9327-1458322842-13There was this one occasion when my friend seeing me after a good 6 months suggested that I had become thin since the last time he saw me. I agreed with him as my mirror image agreed with his observation! However, on the same day another friend of mine came equipped with his SLR. He painstakingly shot many shots of me and my wife. I eagerly awaited the pics to be shared back with me. The SLR captured images shared were in such stark contrast with what the other friend observed or I saw in the mirror that it left me wondering what to believe. Of course lesser said about the Mobile Cameras especially the selfie camera the better. If I believe the selfie camera of my mobile, then I am this person with a double chin only marginally better than the person in the below pic minus the gold of course!


I think that the in case of a mirror image as the eye is directly sending the information to the brain, we see what we want to see. Hence the waist seems tucked in, the jaw well defined. However, in case of an image captured by the camera, the camera does some processing of its own before presenting the information to the brain via the eye. Possibly the mirror image is how I see myself and the camera is how others see me.

Even more tricky to note is that no two mirrors agree with each other nor do two cameras agree with each other. I have finally resigned to the deduction that neither the mirror or camera is right, after all they just produce an image. However close or far it is from the truth, it is still an ‘image’. The truth probably in neither or either or somewhere in between.