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Music can change the world because it can change people – Bono.

How profound is this statement? Music can change people! Many of us can’t get through a day without having our daily dose of music. A day without our favorite tracks playing on our iPods or any other music player doesn’t appear complete. Am sure all of us have a varied interest and possibly depending upon the mood decide to go for one genre or the other.

Listening to music can be viewed in two ways. Either the music we want to listen to is chosen irrespective of or as-per the task at hand. This contrast became clear to me when, while working out in the gym I suddenly heard a slow romantic ballad playing over the gym audio system. I think the problem with such tracks in the gym is that, it makes you relaxed rather than charged-up up for the workout. If you want to workout harder and reach some goal a romantic ballad, I think, should’ve been the last choice. While I am not sure if there is any research to prove this however, I strongly believe that music has a strong impact on our psychology and physiology. Hence, we should choose music type based on the task we want to accomplish, especially when that task is important for us.

If one is planning to get in-shape and wants to make the most out of the gym workout then one is much better off listening to the track below rather than some slow romantic number


If one wants to get over a negative phase of life then, one shouldn’t listen to sad songs or slow songs but should select audio that makes one feel positive and motivated:

If one is looking for some peace of mind then one shouldn’t be going for psychedelic music and get disoriented, rather they should select something that is peaceful

If one wants to experience a state of trance, bliss or devotion then one should choose a qawwali or bhajans:

There is one more aspect to this entire suggestion related to music, that’s the loudness at which these songs are heard. Loudness also has its own role to play in helping us reach the stage psychologically and to affect our physiology. All music cannot and should not be heard at the same level of volume. For example, a motivational work out works best when heard at a higher volume, whereas a soothing or peaceful music would work best at moderate to low volume levels.  I would encourage everyone to try this idea of choosing the music track based on the activity to be completed. This might just take your performance at the task up by few notches. Music is indeed one of the most powerful things in the world. It has the ability to control our emotions. We feel the sadness when you hear a sad song.

Hence choose your music wisely!